Mixtape for a girl who likes trashy pop and a boy who likes whale sounds

Hard to reconcile, so sometimes the other will have to be patient.

01. EASYFUN - “Fanta”
02. iZNiik - “blue skied”
03. Carl Stone - “Banteay Srey”
04. Zammuto - “It Can Feel So Good”
05. Cocteau Twins - “Pitch the Baby”
06. ABRA - “Feel”
07. ABRA -“Roses”
08. David Behrman - “Interspecies Smalltalk: Part 1”
09. Benoit Pioulard - “Zenava”
10. Selena - “Dreaming Of You”
11. DRAM - “Deep Down in My Heart”
12. luxury elite - “Midnight”
13. John Surman - “Taxi To Brooklyn/ Nicky Shoots Herself”
14. Jenny Hval - “Conceptual Romance”
15. Smoke City - “Underwater Love”

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