Mixtape to Help my Painfully Reserved Boyfriend Learn How to Dance Alone in his Boxers

I'm not sure what kind of music mood may strike your boyfriend when he's alone and in his boxers (a.k.a. in dancing mode!), so I just put together a mix of songs that have gotten me moving at one time or another.
01. Aerosmith- "Walk This Way" (Classic Aerosmith)

02. Apes & Androids- "Nights of the Week" (Blood Moon)

03. Arctic Monkeys- "Dancing Shoes" (Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not)

04. Ben Folds Five- "Kate" (Whatever and Ever Amen)

05. Boy Kill Boy- "Suzie" (Connect Set)

06. The Dandy Warhols "We Used to Be Friends" (We Used to Be Friends)

07. The Faint- "Symptom Finger" (Wet From Birth)

08. Hellogoodbye- "Here In Your Arms" (Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!)

09. The Hives- "T.H.E. H.I.V.E.S." (The Black and White Album)

10. Jamiroquai- "Canned Heat" (Synkronized)

11. Morningwood- "Nth Degree" (Morning Wood)

12. Mungo Jerry- "In the Summertime" (Electronically Tested)

13. The New Pornographers- "Sing Me Spanish Techno" (Twin Cinema)

14. Red Hot Chili Peppers- "Hump De Bump" (Stadium Arcadium)

15. The Strokes- "You Only Live Once" (First Impressions of Earth)

16. Vampire Weekend- "A-Punk" (Vampire Weekend)

17. Van Halen- "Jump" (1984)

18. The Wombats- "Backfire At The Disco" (A Guide to Love, Loss, and Desperation)

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