Music to play while losing my virginity


noun: virginity
1. The state of never having had sexual intercourse.
“He lost his virginity in college”

1.1 The state of being naive, innocent, or inexperienced in a particular context.
“His political virginity”

Synonyms: chastity, maidenhood, maidenhead, honor, purity, innocence;
Origin: Middle English: from Old French virginite, from Latin virginitas, from virgo (see virgin).

01. Madonna - “Like A Virgin”
02. DJ Mustard (feat. Nicki Minaj & Jeremiah) - “Don’t Hurt Me”
03. The xx - “Angels”
04. Kanye West (feat. Desiigner) - “Freestyle 4”
05. Maurice Ravel - “Boléro”
06. FKA twigs - “I’m Your Doll”
07. Radiohead - “Nude”
08. Nine Inch Nails - “Closer”
09. Lana Del Rey - “Music to Watch Boys To”
10. Björk - “Cocoon”

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