My body is messed up, and I’m guessing that’s all you care about.

The body dissolves, the feeling goes away, and all that remains is the idea of a person. According to certain theories, it is possible to feel loyalty toward, to even love, an idea. There’s nothing left anymore except your connection to this dissolved carcass. This might cause some weird feelings in me, if I could feel anything. Or if I could think.

01. Car Seat Headrest - The Ending of Dramamine
02. Calamine - Astronaut
03. Smog - Your Wedding
04. Ween - Birthday Boy
05. Teen Suicide - Benzo
06. Lake House - The Art of Being a Hopeless Romantic
07. American Village - Eyes
08. Melaina Kol - Gag
09. John Frusciante - Mascara
10. Julia Brown - Snow Day
11. Yves Tumor - Limerence
12. Panda Bear - Sometimes When It Hurts Bad Enough It Feels Like This

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