My ex attempted suicide.

Sorry to hear it. So, this list features 15 tracks of mood swings from song to song where appropriate, but it’s all got roughly the same move. When these things happen, there’s nothing that a patronizing internet stranger can do but make a wildly inappropriate but wholly appropriate mix.

01. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - “East Hastings”
02. The Cure - “Fear Of Ghosts” (Join The Dots)
03. Morrissey - “Angel, Angel We Go Down Together” (Viva Hate)
04. Patrick Wolf - “Paris” (Lycanthropy)
05. Crystal Castles - “Doedeer” (Crystal Castles)
06. The Sick Anchors - “Whole Again”
07. Rowland S Howard - “Ave Maria” (Pop Crimes)
08. New Order - “Ceremony”
09. Gary Numan - “The Seed Of A Lie” (Sacrifice) [seriously, great track, highly undervalued album]
10. These New Puritans - “Hologram” (Hidden)
11. Tom Waits - “Hold On” (Mule Variations)
12. The Misunderstood - “I Can Take You To The Sun”
13. The Bordellos - “Barret” (Meet The Bordellos)
14. Crystal Castles and Robert Smith - “Not In Love” [a blog near you]
15. Julian Cope - “Las Vegas Basement” (Peggy Suicide)

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