Never Meant by American Football

side a.
01. American Football - “Never Meant” (American Football)
02. Braid - “A Dozen Roses” (Frame and Canvas)
03. American Analog Set - “Punk As Fuck” (Know by Heart)
04. Aisler Set - “Emotional Levy” (How I Learned to Write Backwards)
05. Owen - “Declaration of Incompetence” (Owen)
06. The Slits - “Typical Girls” (Cut)
07. Beat Happening - “Indian Summer” (Jamboree)
08. The Raincoats - “In Love” (The Raincoats)
09. The Cure - “Six Different Ways” (The Head on the Door)
10. Nana Grizol - “Motion in the Ocean” (Love it Love it)
11. Ride - “Nowhere” (Nowhere)
12. Elliott Smith - “2:45 a.m.” (Either/Or)

side b.
01. The Dancing Cigarettes - “Pop Doormat” (1980-1981 The Gulcher Recordings)
02. Polyrock - “Changing Hearts” (Changing Hearts)
03. Cap’n Jazz - “Oh Messy Life” (Schmap’n Schmazz)
04. The Smiths - “Still Ill” (The Smiths)
05. Bear in Heaven - “Casual Goodbye” (Beast Rest Forth Mouth)
06. Broadcast - “Goodbye Girls” (Tender Buttons)
07. Wire - “Heartbeat” (Chairs Missing)
08. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - “People Ain’t No Good” (The Boatman’s Call)
09. Sunny Day Real Estate - “Sometimes” (Diary)
10. The Moles - “Lonely Hearts Get What They Deserve” (Untune the Sky)
11. Sun Kil Moon - “Carry Me Ohio” (Ghosts of the Great Highway)

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