No one cares about your relationship drama

Here you go, cutie pie. :*
Short & sweet, with a special hidden message from me 2 U.

01. Fang Island - “Never Understand” (Major)
02. Cyril Ferguson - “Gonna Build a Nation” (Cult Cargo: Grand Bahama Goombay)
03. Black Bananas - “Give It To Me” (Electric Brick Wall)
04. Run-D.M.C.- “You Be Illin’” (Raising Hell)
05. Parliament - “Up For the Down Stroke” (Up For the Down Stroke)
06. Camper Van Beethoven - “Never Go Back” (Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart)
07. SOA - “Gonna Have To Fight” (No Policy EP)
08. Death - “Let The World Turn” (…For The Whole World To See)
09. Black Bug - “You Scream” (Reflecting The Light)
10. The Stooges - “Down on the Street” (Fun House)

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