Pitchfork’s Twee as Fuck mix tape was way lame-o. Oh mighty tmt, show me the way to twee goodness.

Note from Deanna: You have NO IDEA how long I was waiting for someone
to request something like this :]!

01. Tullycraft - "Twee" (Beat Surf Fun)
02. The Shermans - "Adulthood for Beginners" (Happiness is Toy Shaped)
03. Heavenly - "C is the Heavenly Option" (Le Jardin De Heavenly)
04. All Girl Summer Fun Band - "Video Game Heart" (2)
05. Tiger Trap - "You and Me" (Tiger Trap)
06. Honeybunch - "Hey Blue Sky" (Time Trials 1987-1995)
07. Lois - "Valentine" (Butterfly Kiss)
08. Beat Happening - "Not A Care In The World" (Music To Climb The
Apple Tree By)
09. The Lucksmiths - "Guess How Much I Love You" (A Good Kind of Nervous)
10. Tender Trap - "Talk in Song" (Film Molecules)
11. Marine Research - "At the Lost and Found" (Sounds From the Gulf Stream)
12. Rocketship - "I'm Lost Without You Here" (A Certain Smile, A
Certain Sad)
13. Bunnygrunt - "Tadpole" (Action Pants!)
14. Talulah Gosh - "Don't Go Away" (Backwash)

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