Plastic Sounds

Two words : PC MUSIC .

01. Life Sim - “Lightening Lipgloss Life”
03. Charli XCX - “Secret (Shh)”
04. A. G. Cook (feat. Hannah Diamond) - “Keri Baby”
05. Lipgloss Twins - “Doodle”
06. GFOTY - “Don’t Wanna / Let’s Do It”
07. Princess Bambi - “Less Love More Sex”
08. Danny L Harle - “Awake for Hours”
09. easyFun (feat. Noonie Bao) - “Monopoly”
10. Hannah Diamond - “Make Believe”
11. QT - “Hey QT

Mix Tapes

Here’s how The Automatic Mix Tapes Generator works: Send us a thought, phrase, question, quotation, or whatever else, and if one of our mix tape robots fancies your suggestion, the crazy set of circuits might just make a mix tape out of it — well, at least a tracklisting for one. Request a mix tape here, and help us compile mix tapes here.

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