Quiet songs while the kids are painting

01. Brian Eno - “1/1” (Ambient 1: Music For Airports)
02. Sun Araw - “Ma Halo” (On Patrol)
03. Aerial M - “Dazed and Awake” (As Performed by Aerial M)
04. Vashti Bunyan - “Timothy Grubs” (Just Another Diamond Day)
05. Nick Drake - “Things Behind The Sun” (Pink Moon)
06. Harmonia - “Deluxe (Immer Wieder)” (Deluxe)
07. Aphex Twin - “Avril 14th” (Drukqs)
08. Shugo Tokumaru - “Wedding” (Exit)
09. Sun Kil Moon - “Carry Me Ohio” (Ghosts Of The Great Highway)
10. The Velvet Underground - “After Hours” (The Velvet Underground)
11. Washington Phillips - “Lift Him Up That’s All” (The Key To The Kingdom)
12. Four Tet - “Circling” (There Is Love In You)

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