Sad Songs That Will Make Me Want To Dance in Public

note from SaturdayNightAlone: Ok, I think I got everything here, from hipster miserablist (The Rapture) to downright heartbreaking (Annie), and the obligatory Smiths track ;), all danceable! Perhaps you could try hugging yourself whilst onlookers stare.

01. The Rapture - "Olio" (Echoes)

02. Portishead - "Sour Times" (Dummy)

03. New Order - "True Faith" (Substance)

04. The Smiths - "What Difference Does It Make?" (Hatful of Hollow)

05. Pulp - "Disco 2000" (Different Class)

06. Caribou - "Melody Day" (Andorra)

07. !!! - "Take Ecstacy With Me" (Single)[Magnetic Fields cover]

08. Talking Heads - "Memories Can't Wait" (Fear of Music)

09. The Cure - "Boys Don't Cry" (Boys Dont Cry)

10. Patrick Wolf - "To The Lighthouse" (Lycanthropy)

11. Annie - "Heartbeat" (Anniemal)

12. Le Tigre - "Eau d'Bedroom Dancing" (Le Tigre)

13. The Field Mice - "Missing the Moon" (For Keeps) [Bonus CD track]

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