Seduce me with a mix based around “Slow Motion” by Panda Bear

okay, okay, what a time it was 9 years ago! so long already. slow motion is hard to pin down; its shape shifting and singing rounds lead in a spiral large enough to look completed. so to you, fellow fan, i present a belated offering near a decade gone and overly long. my choices were spurred on by the push and pull you’d normally see on an overly expensive mastering plug-in. except in feeling alone in this case! what i mean is the sort of expensive slap-back the centerpiece provides throughout. all shivering from a comedown but comfortable. sequencing matters here! no overloaded front-end. i took everything i had and kept removing until it felt right. no obvious choices! those were the first for the culling. it doesn’t take much for a song to stay with you if it is canonized already. instead, keep churning the leftovers until they become more than their fraction of the whole. until the crust is savored as much as the filling.

anyway, the latter half gets deeper in the encasing fog. it feels like the week i got my wisdom teeth out and took a lot of hydrocodon all at once and learned what it meant to hear the beautiful haze in songs like these here. woulda been around the same time as tomboy, too. the final track is where we are now and seemed similar enough to your request to warrant its inclusion. i hope it seduces you! enjoy~

01. Panda Bear - “Slow Motion”
02. The Singers Unlimited - “My Romance”
03. Clams Casino - “Treetop”
04. The Chemical Brothers - “Star Guitar”
05. Cough Cool - “Safer”
06. MF DOOM - “Red #40”
07. Alex Cameron - “Mongrel”
08. The Magnetic Fields - “Lonely Highway”
09. Porches - “Now The Water”
10. Lukid - “Lonely At The Top”
11. Cut Copy - “Dark Corners & Mountain Tops”
12. Caribou - “Lemon Yoghurt”
13. Tera Melos - “Slimed”
14. Ween - “Tender Situation”
15. Yohuna, Emily Reo - “Teach You”
16. Ratatat - “Swisha”
17. The Books - “None But Shining Hours”
18. Julia Holter - “Maxim’s I”
19. They Might Be Giants - “Rabid Child”
20. Peaking Lights - “Amazing and Wonderful”
21. The Beach Boys - “All I Wanna Do”
22. Mum - “Random Summer”
23. Land Of The Loops - “My Head (Leaks)”
24. James Blake - “I’ll Stay”
25. Panda Bear - “Token”

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