Sick of music reviewers name dropping Pythagoras ‘n shit

Will Oldham

Straight up name dropping, with some mathematics thrown in for good measure. Have fun reviewin’!

01. Faust - “Pythagoras”
02. Mos Def - “Mathematics”
03. Aaron Neville - “Hercules”
04. Sun Araw - “Lucretius”
05. Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.- “Trinité Orphique”
06. Drexciya - “C to the Power of X+C to the Power of X=MM=Unknown”
07. Actress - “Casanova”
08. The Verlaines - “Death and The Maiden”
09. Billy Bragg & Wilco - “Ingrid Bergman”
10. Nikki Giovanni - “Ego Tripping”
11. Quasimoto - “Jazz Cats Pt.1”
12. Ratatat - “Bob Gandhi”
13. Jeffrey Lewis - “Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror”

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