Simple, Striking, Strange and Sad

01. Palace Brothers - "I Send My Love To You" (Days In the Wake)
02. Guided By Voices - "Awful Bliss" (Bee Thousand)
03. Elliott Smith - "St. Ides Heaven" (s/t)
04. Microphones - "There Is Not Invincible Disguise That Lasts All Day" (Song Islands)
05. R.E.M. - "Kerouac No. 4" (Time of Outtakes)
06. Daniel Johnston - "Story of An Artist" (Welcome To My World)
07. eels - "3 Speed" (Electro-Shock Blues)
08. Lincoln - "Straight" (s/t)
09. Horse Feathers - "Curs In the Weeds" (House With No Home)
10. Carissa's Wierd - "So You Wanna Be A Superhero" (Songs About Leaving)
11. Thee More Shallows - "Ask Me About Jon Stross" (More Deep Cuts)
12. Nov. 16 [Band of Horses] - "I Go To the Barn Because I Like the (early version)" (Yeti, Vol. 3)
13. Crooked Fingers - "She Spread Her Legs and Flew Away" (s/t)
14. Beat Happening - "Indian Summer" (Jamboree)
15. Violent Femmes - "Good Feeling (live edit)" (Permanent Record)
16. Roky Erickson - "Goodbye Sweet Dreams" (You're Gonna Miss Me OST)
17. Syd Barrett - "Dark Globe" (The Madcap Laughs)
18. Vic Chesnutt - "Kick My Ass" (Drunk)
19. Spokane - "Temporary Things" (Measurements)
20. Nick Cave (w. the Dirty Three) - "Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Riverentum" (Songs In the Key of X)
21. Gavin Bryars (f. Tom Waits) - "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet" (Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet)

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