Smoking crack at church

Because we’ve all been there, amirite? Just long enough for your standard Catholic mass.

01. Alex Bradford - “It’s a Highway to Heaven” (Precious Lord: Recordings of the Great Gospel Songs of Thomas A. Dorsey)
02. Bad Religion - “Billy Gnosis” (Into the Unknown)
03. Lone - Earth’s Lungs” (Galaxy Garden)
04. Thin Lizzy - “Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed” (Johnny the Fox)
05. Hella - “Biblical Violence” (Hold Your Horse Is)
06. James ‘Blood’ Ulmer - “Black Rock” (Black Rock)
07. John Zorn - “Zig Zag” (Spy vs. Spy: The Music of Ornette Coleman)
08. Bush Chemists - “The Power of Tape” (Light Up Your Spliff)
09. Ariel Kalma - “Voyage Reternelle” (Le Temps Des Moissons)
10. Black Flag - “Your Last Affront” (The Process of Weeding Out)
11. Mind Spiders - “Inside You” (Inhumanistic)
12. M83 - “Gone” (Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts)
13. Anton Fier - “Clouds Without Water (Dreamspeed)
14. Wesley Willis - “They Threw Me Out of Church” (Greatest Hits, Vol. 2)

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