something to play over the loud speaker at the children’s museum where i work

01. Tullycraft - "Orange Cake Mix" (Beat Surf Sun)
02. The Magnetic Fields - "Deep Sea Diving Suit" (Holiday)
03. The Brunettes - "Loopy Loopy Love" (Mars Loves Venus)
04. Suburban Kids with Biblical Names - "Seems to Be on My Mind" (#3)
05. Bishop Allen - "Click Click Click Click Click" (July EP)
06. I'm From Barcelona - "This Boy" (Let Me Introduce My Friends)
07. Beulah - "If We Can Land a Man on the Moon..." (When Your Heartstrings Break)
08. The Go! Team - "We Listen Everyday" (Junior Kickstart)
09. Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers - "I'm a Little Airplane" (Live)
10. The Boy Least Likely To - "Be Gentle With Me" (The Best Party Ever)
11. Walker Kong - "Andy Warhol and the Honeybees" (Deliver Us From People)
12. Architecture in Helsinki - "Do the Whirlwind" (In Case We Die)
13. Oh No! Oh My! - "Our Mouths Were Wet" (Between the Devil and the Sea)

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