Sometimes I feel like dying so I can reach the transcendental plane of existence after the cosmic annihilation of the self

01. Oneohtrix Point Never - “Nil Admirari”
02. Neurosis - “Rehumanize”
03. Altar of Plagues - “A Body Shrouded”
04. Black Dice - “Things Will Never Be the Same”
05. Sd Laika - “Great God Pan”
06. Tim Hecker - “Live Room”
07. Godflesh - “Mighty Trust Krusher”
08. Ben Frost - “All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated (Albini Swing Version)”
09. Boredoms - “Two circles”
10. Arca - “Faggot”
11. Ramleh - “Grazing On Fear 2”
12. Have a Nice Life - “Earthmover”
13. Boris - “Farewell”

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