Song Titles That Would Make Excellent Fortune Cookie Fortunes

Comments: Not all the songs are the best, but most could actually be fortunes. You could also replace The Concretes song with The Supremes

01. Massive Attack - "Be Thankful For What You Got" (Blue Lines)
02. Yo La Tengo - "You Can Have It All" (And then Nothing turned itself inside out)
03. The Books - "Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again" (Thought For Food)
04. Modest Mouse - "Think Long" (Sad Sappy Sucker)
05. Wire - "Practice Makes Perfect" (Chairs Missing)
06. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - "Get Ready for Love" (Abattoir Blues)
07. Brian Eno - "Energy Fools The Magician" (Before And After Science)
08. Kid 606 - "Total Recovery Is Possible" (Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You)
09. Panda Bear - "Search For Delicious" (Person Pitch)
10. Bob Dylan - "It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry" (Highway 61 Revisited)
11. Daniel Johnston - "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances" (Yip Jump Music)
12. Swirlies - "You Can't Be Told It, You Must Behold It" (They spent their wild youthful days in the glittering world of the salons)
13. Four Tet - "Sleep, Eat Food, Have Visions" (Everything Ecstatic)
14. Danielson - "He Who Flattened Your Flame Is Getting Torched" (Ships)
15. Pink Floyd - "Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk" (The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn)
16. The Concretes - "You Can't Hurry Love" (The Concretes)
17. Leonard Cohen - "Tonight Will Be Fine" (Songs from a Room)
18. The Books - "Be Good To Them Always" (Lost And Safe)
19. Frog Eyes - "Important Signals Will Break The Darkness" (The Folded Palm)
20. Sufjan Stevens - "All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands" (Seven Swans)

And a few for fun:

- The Stooges - "Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell" (Raw Power)
- The Magnetic Fields - "No One Will Ever Love You" (69 Love Songs, Vol. 2)
- Marvin Gaye - "Keep Gettin' It On" (Let's Get It On)
- Black Dice - "Things Will Never Be The Same" (Beaches And Canyons)

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