songs about not knowing how to love, and hurting a girl without wanting to do so

You knew pretty well what you were doing. Don’t pretend you’re innocent now. You are important to her and that means that every word and every action has the potential to hurt her. Everything has a meaning.

01. Antonio Orozco - “Devuélveme la Vida” (Devuélveme la Vida)
02. Pambo - “Perdón” (Voces por Haití)
03. Shakira ft. Santana - “Illegal” (Oral Fixation Vol. 1)
04. Westlife - “Fool Again” (Westlife)
05. Dar Williams - “If I Wrote You” (End Of The Summer)
06. Josh Ritter - “You Don’t Make It Easy Babe” (Hello Starling)
07. Annie Lennox - “Waiting In Vain” (Medusa)
08. León Polar - “Déjalo” (L.P.)
09. Julieta Venegas - “Me Voy” (Limon y Sal)
10. Dar Williams - “Iowa” (Mortal City)
11. Dashboard Confessional - “Vindicated” (Dusk and Summer)

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