Songs about pockets - there’s gotta be some out there

Challenge accepted. There were actually hundreds of them, but I decided 20 was enough. There’s only so many songs about pockets you can listen to before it gets tiring!

01. Coast Modern - “Pockets Full Of No”
02. Natalie Royal - “Pockets”
03. The Beautiful South - “Pockets”
04. RL Grime - “Pockets”
05. Ruth Moody - “Pockets”
06. Powderfinger - “Pockets”
07. Ice Cube - “Pockets Stay Fat”
08. Xavier Rudd - “Pockets Of Peace”
09. Lubomyr Melnyk - “Pockets Of Light”
10. Ocean Colour Scene - “Lining Your Pockets”
11. Johnny Flynn - “In Your Pockets”
12. Finish Ticket - “Pockets”
13. Opiuo - “Pockets”
14. Caper Clowns - “Pockets”
15. Kidd Upstairs - “Pockets”
16. The Slackers - “Pockets Of A Rich Man”
17. The Van Pelt - “Pockets Of Pricks”
18. Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - “Pockets”
19. 98kb - “Watch The Pockets”
20. Looking Glass - “Are You Dreamin’ (Money In My Pockets)”

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