Songs For Awkward Silences Between Friends

01. Dashboard Confessional - "Again I Unnoticed" (The Places You Have
Come To Fear The Most)

02. Emily Harris & The Soft Skeleton - "Our Hell" (Knives Don't Have Our Back)

03. Brad Mehldau - "Paranoid Android" (Largo)

04. Meg Baird "Dear Companion" (Dear Companion)

05. Okkervill River - "Song Of Our So-Called Friends (Black Sheep Boy)

06. The Whitest Boy Alive - "Done With You" (Dreams)

07. Evan Dando - "The Same Thing You Thought Hard About Is The Same
Part I Can Live Without" (Baby, I'm Bored)

08. The Black Cherries - "Hey! (Who Sailed Our Relationship?)" (The Black Cherries)

09. The Pixies - "Something Against You" (Surfer Rosa/ Come on Pilgrim)

10. The Raconteurs - "Together" (Broken Boy Soldiers)

11. Contriva - "I Can Wait" (Separate Chambers)

12. The Subways - "I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say" (Young For

13. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - "I Send My Love To You" (Greatest Palace Music)

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