Songs to calm the angst in my existential, postmodern, fragmented soul

From a pre-modern fragmented soul.

With hope.

01. a-ha - “The Sun Always Shines on T.V.”
02. Erasure - “Senseless”
03. The Fixx - “Driven Out”
04. Kansas - “Hold On”
05. Howard Jones - “Things Can Only Get Better”
06. Styx - “Crystal Ball”
07. Triumph - “Fight the Good Fight”
08. Sting - “It’s Probably Me”
09. VNV Nation - “Fearless”
10. Electro Spectre - “You Push for the World”
11. Default - “Count on Me”
12. Psykosonik - “Unlearn”
13. De / Vision - “Obey Your Heart”
14. The London Suede - “Don’t Be Afraid if Nobody Loves You”
15. Eurythmics - “Brand New Day”
16. Placebo - “Life’s What You Make It”
17. Echo Image - “Good Intentions”
18. Marc Almond - “Mr. Sad - Live at the Royal Albert Hall”
19. Duran Duran - “What Happens Tomorrow”
20. Duran Duran - “This Is How a Road Gets Made”

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