Songs that give you that completely empty feeling in the pit of your stomach

Notes: Some of this is really bad music, but it does give said empty feeling. In general it's just very depressing stuff.

01. Michael Andrews-"Mad World" (Donnie Darko Soundtrack)
02. Nirvana-"You Know You're Right" (Nevermind)
03. the Decemberists-"Odalisque" (Castaways & Cutouts)
04. Interpol-"Specialist" (Interpol EP)
05. Counting Crows-"Colorblind" (This Desert Life)
06. the Postal Service-"This Place Is A Prison" (Give Up)
07. Liars-"It's All Blooming Now Mt. Heart Attack" (Drum's Not Dead)
08. Sunset Rubdown-"The Empty Threats of Little Lord" (Shut Up I Am Dreaming)
09. Johnny Cash-"Hurt" (American IV)
10. the Mountain Goats-"Maybe Sprout Wings" (Get Lonely)
11. Castanets-"Into the Night" (First Light's Freeze)

Compiled by: thethunderboltkid

01. Bright Eyes - "Land Locked Blues" (I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning)
02. Jewel - "You Were Meant For Me" (Pieces of You)
03. The National - "City Middle" (Alligator)
04. Devendra Banhart - "At the Hop" (Nino Rojo)
05. Sean Hayes - "Fucked Me Right Up" (Big Black Hole And The Little Baby Star)
06. Led Zeppelin - "Since I've Been Loving You" (Led Zeppelin III)
07. Elliott Smith - "King's Crossing" (From A Basement On The Hill)
08. Iron and Wine - "love and some verses" (Home Recordings)
09. Okay - "Untitled (Track 9)" (Baby Girl, You Look Like You're On Fire)
10. Rufus Wainwright feat. Dido - "I Eat Dinner (When The Hunger's Gone)" (Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason OST)

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