Songs with handclaps.

01. Los Campesinos! - "It Started With a Mixx" (Sticking Fingers Into Sockets')
02. The Lucksmiths - "Off With His Cardigan!" (What Bird is That?)
03. BOAT - "Return of the Rainbow Shoelace" (Songs You Might Not Like)
04. Oh No! Oh My! - "Women Are Born in Love" (Oh No! Oh My!)
05. The Pipettes - "Because It's Not Love" (We Are the Pipettes)
06. Sambassadeur - "Between the Lines" (Between the Lines EP)
07. The Blow - "Long List of Girls" (Paper Television)
08. Acid House Kings - "Do What You Wanna Do" ( Sing Along with Acid House Kings)
09. Pipas - "How to Tie a Tie" (Lucksmiths Remix)
10. El Perro Del Mar - "Here Comes That Feeling" (El Perro Del Mar)
11. Jens Lekman - "A Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill" (Oh You're So Silent Jens)
12. Jonathan Richman - "Velvet Underground" (I, Jonathan)
13. The Boy Least Likely To - "I See Spiders When I Close My Eyes" (The Best Party Ever)
14. Peter Bjorn and John - "Let's Call It Off" (Writer's Block)
15. Mirah - "Oh! September" (Songs from the Black Mountain Music Project)
16. Tullycraft - "Secretly Minnesotan" (Disenchanted Hearts Unite)
17. St. Vincent - "Marry Me" (Marry Me)

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