songs for having an orgasm in art class

01. The Dandy Warhols- "Bohemian Like You" (13 Tales of Urban Bohemia)
02. Death From Above 1979- "Romantic Rights" (You're a Woman, I'm a Machine)
03. Belle & Sebastian- "Dress Up in You" (The Life Pursuit)
04. Final Fantasy- "This Dream of Win & Regine" (Has A Good Home)
05. Ani DiFranco- "Both Hands" (Ani DiFranco)
06. Feist- "Leisure Suite" (Let it Die)
07. Al Green- "Let's Stay Together" (Pulp Fiction Soundtrack)
08. Bitch and Animal- "Passports" (Eternally Hard)
09. Phoenix- "Honeymoon" (United)
10. Stars- "Heart" (Heart)
11. Rilo Kiley- "With Arms Outstreached" (The Execution of All Things)
12. Broken Social Scene- "Pitter Patter Goes my Heart" (You Forgot it in People)

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