songs to lament the fact that i’ve had my period for 15 days.

01. Frank Zappa - "Alien Orifice" (Make A Jazz Noise Here)
02. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - "Flood of Red" ( Madonna)
03. Turbonegro - "Drenched In Blood (D.I.B.)" (Scandinavian Leather)
04. Coparck - "& Still Not Worried" (Birds, Happiness & Still Not Worried.)
05. Mondo Generator - "Open Up And Bleed For Me" (A Drug Problem That Never Existed)
06. Bob Dylan - "Just Like A Woman" (Blonde on Blonde)
07. Goldfrapp - "Ride A White Horse" (Supernature)
08. Death From Above 1979 - "Blood On Our Hands" (You're a Woman, I'm A Machine)
09. Peaches - "Fuck The Pain Away" (The Teaches Of Peaches)
10. The White Stripes - "Red Rain" (Get Behind Me Satan)
11. Limp Bizkit - "No Sex" (Significant Other)
12. Britney Spears - "Do Something" (My Prerogative)
13. Nick Cave - "Red Right Hand" (Let Love In)
14. Gentleman - "After A Storm" (Confidence)

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