Songs to Lose Your Sense of Identity To

Hey, enjoy.

01. Mogwai - "Summer [Priority version]" (Young Team)

02. Cocoa Tea - "Over the Years" (Tune In)

03. Marvin Gaye - "Sparrow" (Here, My Dear)

03. Edan - "Torture Chamber" (Beauty and the Beat)

04. AFX - "Canticle Drawl" (Analord 01)

05. Bark Psychosis - "Absent Friend" (Hex)

06. The Dead C - "Voodoo Spell" (The White House)

07. The Auteurs - "Unsolved Child Murder" (After Murder Park)

08. Hood - "L. Fading Hills" (Outside Closer)

09. Four Tet - "As Serious As Your Life" (Rounds)

10. Eno - "Little Fishes" (Another Green World)

11. The Zombies - "Time of the Season" (Odyssey and Oracle)

12. Hot Chip - "And I Was a Boy from School" (The Warning)

13. John Lucien - "Rashida" (Rashida)

14. Faust - "I've Got My Car and My TV, Pt. 1" (Faust So Far)

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