songs that make a compelling case for bringing the word “rad” back

A mix I made for this guy I started seeing earlier this year, completely "rad"-inspired: lead singer of a punk-alt rock band, a skater, the tight androgynous pants, the fedora, the Allston indie-punk bar he always goes to, the whiskey he drinks. Totally rad.
This was my way of telling him how rad I thought he was/think he is...the most rad songs I could think of; songs that would make him say, "yeah, that mix was rad...and yeah, wow, so is she".

And all in a little under 80 minutes. ;)
01. The Walkmen - "Lost In Boston" (A Hundred Miles Off)
02. The Misfits - "Hybrid Moments" (Legacy of Brutality)
03. Eagles of Death Metal - "Bad Dream Mama" (Peace Love Death Metal)
04. Devo - "Gut Feeling" (Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo/DEV-O Live)
05. Nation of Ulysses - "Last Train To Cool" (Plays Pretty For Baby)
06. Mewithoutyou - "The Ghost" ([A-->B] Life)
07. The Dirtbombs - "I Can't Stop Thinking About It" (Horndog Fest)
08. Sebastien Tellier - "La ritournelle (Mr. Dan's Magic Wand mix)" (La Ritournelle (Remix) - EP)
09. Love - "Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark and Hilldale" (Forever Changes)
10. My Morning Jacket - "It Beats 4 U" (Okonokos)
11. The Barbarians - "Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl" (self-titled)
12. Division of Laura Lee - "Dirty Love" (Das Not Compute)
13. Girl Talk - "Smash Your Head" (Night Ripper)
14. Patti Smith - "Gloria" (Horses)
15. The Kooks - "See The World" (Inside In/Inside Out)
16. Madlib - "Toe Fat" (Beat Konducta)
17. Arab Strap - "Love Detective" (The Red Thread)
18. The Modern Lovers - "Hospital" (self-titled)
19. Liars - "The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack" (Drums Not Dead)
20. Keny Arkana - "Outro" (Mix Tape Vol. 1: L'esquisse)
21. Zen Guerilla - "Fingers" (Positronic Raygun)
22. Concrete Blonde -"It'll Chew You Up And Spit You Out" (Still In Hollywood)

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