Songs for making pinky promises to.

Complied by: Riff-Raff

note from RR: i was playing on the idea of the intense bond between people that comes with making a pinky promise. rok.

01. The Album Leaf - "See In You" (Into the Blue Again)
02. Circulatory System - "Forever" (Circulatory System)
03. M. Ward - "Eyes On the Prize" (Post War)
04. Saturday Looks Good To Me - "If You Ask" (Every Night)
05. Sea Ray - "Swear to Your Face" - (Stars At Noon)
06. Tortoise - "Strech (You Are All Right)" (Its All Around You)
07. Voxtrot - "The Start of Something" (Raised By Wolves EP)
08. Anathallo - "Dokkoise House (with face covered)" "Floating World"
09. Chad VanGaalen - "Chronograph #1" (Infiniheart)
10. Guster - "Empire State" (Ganging Up on the Sun)

Compiled by: nana
01. Architecture in Helsinki - "One Heavy February" (Fingers Crossed)
02. The Beatles - "Do You Want To Know A Secret" (Introducing: The Beatles)
03. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - "Love Will" (#3)
04. Blind Melon - "No Rain" (Best of Blind Melon)
05. Pink Martini - "Hang On Little Tomato" (Hang On Little Tomato)
06. Frente - "Accidentally Kelly Street" (Marvin the Album)
07. General Public - "Tenderness" (All the Rage)
08. The Shins - "Pink Bullets" (Chutes Too Narrow)
09. The Chordettes - "Lollipop" (Stand By Me Soundtrack)
10. The Shirells - "Mama Said" (One Fine Day Soundtrack)
11. The White Stripes - "We Are Going To Be Friends" (White Blood Cells)
12. Dexy's Midnight Runners - "Come On Eileen" (Too Rye Ay)
13. Beach Boys - "Don't Worry Baby" (Never Been Kissed Soundtrack)
14. Shirley and Lee - "Let the Good Times Roll" (Stand By Me Soundtrack)
15. Lily Allen - "Smile" (Alright, Still)
16. The Crew Cuts - "Sh-Boom (Life Could Be a Dream)" (Best of the Crew Cuts)
17. Glenn Miller - "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" (Music and Romance)
18. The Concretes - "On The Radio" (The Concretes)
19. Spandau Ballet - "True" (The Wedding Singer)

Compiled by: sarabelle

Note from sarabelle: as we all know there are many different reasons for pinky promise-making (or pinkie-swearing, as we called it in my day). Thus, I have classified these songs for different purposes.

Best Friend Pinkie Promises
01. The White Stripes - "We're Going to be Friends" (White Blood Cells)
02. The Strokes - "Ask Me Anything" (First Impressions of Earth)
03. The Ditty Bops - "Moon Over the freeway" (Moon Over the freeway)
04. Michael Flynn - "Don't let Them See me Like This" (No Dissassemble)

Lover Pinkie Promises
05. Sufjan Stevens - "To Be Alone With You" (Seven Swans)
06. Stars - "The First Five Times" (Set Yourself On Fire)
07. Michael Whalen - "Love's Secret" (My Secret Heart)
08. The Beatles - "From Me To You" (1)

Pinkie Promises with Yourself
09. The Ditty Bops - "Growing Upside Down" (Moon Over the Freeway)

When The Promise(s) Are Broken
10. The White Stripes - "I think I Smell A Rat" (white blood cells)
11. The Ravonettes - "Do You Believe Her?" (Whip It On)
12. The Dandy Warhols - "We Used to be Friends" (Welcome to the Monkey House)
13. Franz Ferdinand - "Walk Away" (You Could Have it So Much Better with Franz Ferdinand)

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