songs for painting circles, squares and triangles

01. Final Fantasy - "Peach, Plum, Pear" (Young Canadian Mothers)
02. The Blow - "She Buried Herself in the Air" (Bonus Album)
03. The Microphones - "I Felt Your Shape" (The Glow, Pt. 2)
04. The Decemberists - "Bridges and Balloons" (Picaresqueities)
05. Red House Painters - "Wop-a-Din-Din" (Old Ramon)
06. Billy Bragg & Wilco - "Ingrid Bergman" (Mermaid Avenue)
07. Matt Costa - "Oh Dear" (Songs We Sing)
08. Incredible String Band - "Painting Box" (The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion)
09. The Mountain Goats - "Dance Music" (The Sunset Tree)
10. Of Montreal - "Disconnect The Dots" (Satanic Panic in the Attic)
11. The Shins - "Turn A Square" (Chutes Too Narrow)
12. The Beatles - "Good Day Sunshine" (Revolver)
13. Aimee Mann - "Amateur" (I'm With Stupid)

Compiled by: mel
01. Bright Eyes - "A Line Allows Progress, A Circle Does Not" (Every Day And Every Night)
02. Death Cab For Cutie - "Bend To Squares" (Something About Airplanes)
03. Coldplay - "Square One" (X&Y)
04. Ben Lee - "No Right Angles" (Awake Is The New Sleep)
05. No Doubt - "Full Circle" (Ex-Girlfriend [single])
06. Pearl Jam - "Spin the Black Circle" (Vitalogy)

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