Songs Played to Confuse Guests at a Party

01. Zweizz & Joey Hopkins - “Smash, Politics, Gag” (Zweizz & Joey Hopkins)
02. ZZ Top - “Velcro Fly” (Afterburner)
03. Nidingr - “The Watch-Towers Of The Universe” (Sorrow Infinite And Darkness)
04. Prince - “Darling Nikki” (Purple Rain)
05. Stina Nordenstam - “Purple Rain” (People Are Strange)
06. Fleurety - “Exterminators” (Department Of Apocalyptic Affairs)
07. Of Montreal - “Oslo In The Summertime” (Sunlandic Twins)
08. Cornelis Vreeswijk - “Turistens Klagan” (Guldkorn från Mäster Cees memoarer)
09. Bjørn Svin - “Mer Strøm” (Mer Strøm)
10. The Hollies feat. Peter Sellers - “After The Fox” (Celebration Of Sellers)
11. Ensemble96 Sings Knut Nystedt - “Immortal Bach” (Immortal Nystedt)
12. The Out Islanders - “Beyond The Reef” (Polynesian Fantasies)
13. Aphrodite’s Child - “The Four Horsemen” (666)

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