songs to rub in the noses of nerdy audiophiles with $10000 turntables.

Note from FMH: this is a short list of the best music I've ever heard in the last decade or so. There's sure to be something here worth rubbing

01. Blackalicious - "Shallow Days" (Nia)
02. The Beta Band - "Dry The Rain" (The 3 EPs)
03. Capitol K - "City" (Island Row)
04. Chevron - "Kingdom" (Everything's Exactly The Same)
05. Boards Of Canada - "Sixtyniner" (Twoism)
06. The Herbaliser - "Theme From Control Centre" (Blow Your Headphones)
07. Christ. - "Marsh Of Epidemics" (Seeing & Doing EP)
08. Danny Breaks - "Duck Rock (Zoostrumental)" (Transmit Fantastic EP)
09. The Ass Galaxy - "Bomb Me Bomb Me Bomb Me" (Bomb Me Bomb Me Bomb Me 7'')
10. Koushik - "Be With" (Be With)
11. DJ? Acucrack - "Pulling Birds In A Crisis Situation" (Killing Mobius)
12. Shpongle - "Dorcet Perception" (Tales Of The Inexpressible)
13. DJ Wally - "Outa My Head" (The Stoned Ranger Rides Again)
14. The Flaming Lips - "A Spoonful Weights A Ton" (The Soft Bulletin)
15. The Apples In Stereo - "Submarine Dream" (The Discovery Of A World Inside The Moon)
16. Joy Zipper - "Dosed & Became Invisible" (American Whip)

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