Songs for someone obsessed with Animal Collective who wants to feed his/her obsession without actually listening to AnCo, P-Bear, or Avey

01. Rene Hell - “C.G. Mask” (Porcelain Opera)
02. Pop Winds - “Owl Eyes” (The Turquoise)
03. Akron/Family - “Meek Warrior” (Meek Warrior)
04. Braids - “She Brave Soul” (Set Pieces)
05. Juana Molina - “Vive Solo” (Un Dia)
06. City Center - “Bleed Blood” (City Center)
07. Atlas Sound - “Criminals” (Logos)
08. Liars - “Hold You, Drum” (Drum’s Not Dead)
09. Blue Hawaii - “Cect” (Blue Hawaii/Braids split)
10. High Places - “Gold Coin” (High Places)
11. Tonstartssbandht - “Andy Summers” (An When)
12. Gang Gang Dance - “Afoot” (Saint Dymphna)
13. Grimes - “Zoal, Face Dancer” (Geidi Primes)
14. No Age - “Things I Did When I Was Dead” (Nouns)
15. Volcano Choir - “And Gather” (Unmap)
16. Koen Holtkamp - “Night Swimmer” (Field Rituals)
17. Julian Lynch - “Winterer One” (Orange You Glad)
18. Es - “Ennen oli huonommin” (Kesämaan lapset)

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