Songs to impress the hot Nottingham, UK hipster boys when I study abroad

As a Brit I wish you well on studying here and making fun of our accents! This is a standard pastime, we forgive you.

01. Maps & Atlases - “Everyplace Is A House” (Trees, Swallows, Houses)
02. Explosions In The Sky - “Day Two” (The Rescue)
03. Johnny Foreigner - “Jess, You Got Yr Song, Now Leave” (Vs. Everything)
04. Slint - “Don, Aman” (Spiderland)
05. The Arctic Monkeys - “You Probably Couldn’t See for the Lights but You Were Staring Straight at Me” (Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not)
05. Dananananaykroyd - “Think And Feel” (There Is A Way)
06. Belle & Sebastian - “A Summer Wasting” (The Boy With The Arab Strap)
07. Chad VanGaalen - “City Of Electric Light” (Soft Airplane)
08. The Pop Group - “She Is Beyond Good And Evil” (Y)
09. James Blake - “I Mind” (James Blake)
10. Frank Turner - “Romantic Fatigue” (Sleep Is For The Week)
11. Los Campesinos! - “Life Is a Long Time” (Hello Sadness)
12. The Flaming Lips - “Watching The Planets” (Embryonic)

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