Songs that will make me vomit with homesickness

This would have been way easier had I known where you were from. "Mairead" sounds Irish, but I've made an ass of myself more than once making assumptions like that. As such, I went with your standard treatment of "wistful melancholia." Hope it works for you

01. Bon Iver - "Re: Stacks" (For Emma, Forever Ago)
02. Hotel Lights - "Stumbling Home Winter Blues" (Hotel Lights)
03. Oasis - "Don't Go Away" (Be Here Now)
04. Ben Gibbard/Andrew Kenny - "You Remind Me of Home" (Home Volume V)
05. Foo Fighters - "Next Year" (There is Nothing Left to Lose)
06. Kings of Convenience - "Homesick" (Riot on an Empty Street)
07. Casiotone For the Painfully Alone - "Bobby Malone Moves Home" (Etiquette)
08. Iron & Wine - "Sunset Soon Forgotten" (Our Endless Numbered Days)
09. Novi Split - "Leaving It" (Album)
10. The Everybodyfields - "Leaving" (Plague of Dreams)
11. Great Lake Swimmers - "Passengers" (Ongiara)
12. Rocky Votolato - "White Daisy Passing" (Makers)

Compiled by: crazycarmen101

There's something about seeing the fam that makes me tingle with affection and narcissism. No, but really, is there anything better than sleeping in your own bed again? There really is no comfort that's equivalent

01. Stars - "On Peak Hill" (Nightsongs)
02. Great Lake Swimmers - "This is Not Like Home" (Great Lake Swimmers)
03. Beach House - "Childhood" (Beach House)
04. The Rosebuds - "Blue Bird" (Birds Make Good Neighbors)
05. Slightly Stoopid - "Leaving On a Jetplane" (Everything You Need)
06. Sparklehorse - "Gold Days" (It's a Wonderful Life)
07. The Mountain Goats - "Wild Sage" (Get Lonely)
08. Bob Dylan - "Girl from the North Country" (The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan)
09. Cat Power - "Lost Someone" (Jukebox)
10. Devendra Banhart - "I Feel Just Like a Child" (Cripple Crow)
11. Elf Power - "Will My Feet Still Carry Me Home" (A Dream in Sound)
12. Fleet Foxes - "Your Protector" (Ragged Wood)

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