Sun-soaked, golden jams for summer nostalgia

01. Pusher - “Clear (Ft. Mothica)” (Shawn Wasabi Remix)
02. Zach Schimpf - “What’s It Like There Tommorow”
03. Chairlift - “Romeo”
04. The Avalanches - “Frankie Sinatra [Extended Mix]”
05. SOPHIE - “Get Stupid”
06. Grimes - “California”
07. Kitty - “Last Minute”
08. Groundislava - “A Weekend In The Tropics”
09. Danny L Harle - “Broken Flowers”
10. The Avalanches - “Colours (Ft. Jonathan Donahue)”
11. Animal Collective - “FloriDada”
12. Being Gigantic - “Bliss”
13. Junk Culture - “Hang Roxy”
14. Skylar Spence - “Fiona Coyne”
15. Elite Gymnastics - “Andreja 4-Ever”

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