Sweet Alternative Rock

Never judge a book by its dust jacket. On the surface, “Sweet Alternative Rock” would appear to be an odd choice for me, considering I am a rap musician by trade, but I was fortunate enough to have a killer collage radio station to listen to in high school, back when collage radio was “a thing.” Ah, the sickly sweet aroma of nostalgia…

Side A:
01. Material Issue - “Valarie Loves Me”
02. The Pixies - “Caribou”
03. Cocteau Twins - “Blue Bell Knoll”
04. Mercury Rev - “Continuous Trucks and Thunder Under a Mother’s Smile”
05. They Might Be Giants - “Anna Ng”
06. The Soft Boys - “I wanna Destroy You”
07. Dinosaur Jr - “Sideways”
08. Frank Black - “Los Angeles”
09. Guided By Voices - “Hot Freaks”
10. The Breeders - “Happiness Is A Warm Gun”

Side B:
01. My Bloody Valentine - “Only Shallow”
02. The Jesus And Mary Chain - “Reverence”
03. The Glove - “Mouth To Mouth”
04. Joy Division - “Transmission”
05. The Stone Roses - “I Wanna Be Adored”
06. Sonic Youth - “Tunic (Song For Karen)”
07. Folk Implosion - “Jenny’s Theme”
08. Slint - “Good Morning Captain”
09. Neutral Milk Hotel - “Oh Comely”
10. Nirvana - “Endless Nameless”

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