Take me through an entire human life.


01. Dead Can Dance - “The Promised Womb” (Aion)
02. Sigur Ros - “Festival” (med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust)
03. The Mars Volta - “Cicatriz ESP” (De-loused In The Comatorium)


04. Bjork - “Violently Happy” (Debut)
05. Angelo Branduardi - “Vanita Di Vanita” (The Platinum Collection)
06. Yann Tiersen - “Les Jours Heureux” (Le Phare)


07. Big Star - “Thirteen” (#1 Record)
08. Arcade Fire - “My body Is A Cage” (Neon Bible)
09. Scala & Kolacny Brothers - “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (On The Rocks)

Early Adulthood/University Years:

10. The Beatles - “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)” (Rubber Soul)
11. Beck - “Loser” (Mellow Gold)
12. Devendra Banhart - “I Feel Like A Child” (Cripple Crow)

Adulthood/Working life:

13. Kraftwerk - “The Robots” (The Man Machine)
14. The Flaming Lips - “Powerless” (Embryonic)
15. Wolf Parade - “California Dreamer” (At Mount Zoomer)

Middle Age/Marriage:

16. Marc Almond - “Yesterday When I Was Young” (Absinthe: The French Album)
17. Bod Dylan - “Things Have Changed” (The Essential)
18. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - “Whatever Happened To My Rock’n’Roll” (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)

Old Age:

19. Grinderman - “No Pussy Blues” (Grinderman)
20. Johnny Cash & Bonnie Prince Billy - “I See A Darkness” (American Recordings III: Solitary Man)
21. Tom Waits - “How’s It Gonna End” (Real Gone)


22. Antony - “If It Be Your Will” (I’m Your Man: Soundtrack)
23. Jacques Brel - “Le Moribond” (Les Flamandes)
24. Patti Smith - “Ghost Dance” (Easter)

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