Tasty noise please.

01. Paul Baribeau- "Wishlist" (Yikes Baribeau)
02. Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine- "No Phone Smithsonian" (Emotional Facism)
03. Superhopper- "Eye of the Tiger Applies to Everything" (Party Killers)
04. This Bike Is A Pipebomb- "The Star Song" (A Dance Party With...)
05. Mischief Brew- "Thanks Bastards!" (Songs From Under the Sink)
06. Mewithoutyou- "Paper Hanger" (Catch Us For the Foxes)
07. The Hold Steady- "Stuck Between Stations" (Boys and Girls in America)
08. Harley Poe- "Homocidal Maniac" (In the Dark)
09. Hanalei- "M.L.K. You're Okay" (Parts and Accesories)
10. Fred Thomas- "Turbulence" (I Heard The Angels Sing)
11. Defiance, Ohio- "Oh, Susquehanna!" (The Great Depression)
12. Piebald- "Strangers" (Accidental Gentlemen)

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