The best (K-Pop) songs that I’ve never heard

Korean Pop’s exposure has been rising. However, the US K-Pop market has been saturated by awkward/anglophone shit. If you want to hear the illest footwork/juke tracks, you take your ass to Chicago. The same logic goes for K-pop. Fortunately, I typed this list for you. Here are the best K-pop songs you’ve never heard:

01. S#arp - “Sweety”
02. Lee Jung Hyun - “수리수리 마수리 (Sori Sori Ma Sori)”
03. BoA - “Atlantis Princess”
04. 강산에 - “넌 할 수 있어”
05. H.O.T. - “Candy”
06. Humming Urban Stereo - “Hawaiian Couple”
07. Drunken Tiger - “Superfine”
08. Big Bang - “Lies”
09. Epik High - “One”
10. g.o.d. - “거짓말”
11. Up - “바다”
12. SM Town - “Summer Vacation”
13. Girls Generation - “Gee”
14. SG Wannage - “Lalala”
15. GD&TOP - “뻑이가요”
16. 1TYM - “쾌지나칭칭”
17. Lena Park - “The Other Side”

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