These are deep breaths to make me feel less nauseous

Words are not what you need right now.

01. Steve Fisk & Benjamin Gibbard - “Overture”
02. Blockhead - “It’s Raining Clouds”
03. Plutonian - “Dream Planet”
04. BADBADNOTGOOD - “Confessions (Feat. Leland Whitty)”
05. Inventions - “Springworlds”
06. Moon Diagrams - “Scratch the Snow - Sweet Surrender”
07. The Six Parts Seven - “What You Love You Must Love Now”
08. Neu Lake - “Feels Like”
09. Mac DeMarco - “Young Coconut”
10. El Ten Eleven - “My Only Swerving”
11. Teen Daze - “Another Night”
12. Blondes - “Lover”
13. Harold Budd and Brian Eno - “Against The Sky”
14. John Denver - “Season Suite: Late Winter, Early Spring (When Everybody Goes to Mexico)”

Mix Tapes

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