A tribute to my childhood blanket

A soundtrack that follows the rips and tears and the slow, even stitches of love.

01. Chikita Violentia - "Laydown" (The Stars and Suns Sessions)
02. Badly Drawn Boy - "Easy Love" (One Plus One Is One)
03. Scout Niblett - "Just What I Needed" (Just Do It/Dinosaur Egg)
04. Montag feat. Final Fantasy - "Softness I Forgot Your Name" (Going Places)
05. Big A little a - "Thirteen" (gAame)
06. The Clientele - "Somebody Changed" (God Save the Clientele)
07. The Meligrove Band - "Ages & Stages" (Planets Conspire)
08. Jim Bryson - "Don't Fail Me Now" (Where the Bungalows Roam)
09. Bob Dylan - "Abandoned Love" (Biograph)
10. Minus Story - "Stitch Me Up" (My Ion Truss)
11. Lullaby for the Working Class - "Good Morning" (Blanket Warm)
12. Jonas Bonnetta - "Rejoice" (Farewell to Harmony)

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