Twin Peaks-esque, but not Twin Peaks

"What is this, kindergarten? Nursery school?" (above) / "Anyway, how is your sex life?" (below)

This is more of a tribute to the Twin Peaks soundtrack’s dream pop elements rather than its jazzy/bluesy side, but hopefully these songs at least get at the longing and loneliness so many of the characters in the show carry with them. “She’s So Lovely” and “Hunter” to me reflect the themes of doomed romance as well. The last three songs really remind me of the way Season 2 ended, with all the supernatural wonder and the way the characters are left suspended in so much uncertainty.

01. Ben Babbitt - “Too Late to Love You”
02. Beach House - “She’s So Lovely”
03. Mazzy Star - “Fade Into You”
04. Portishead - “Hunter”
05. The Radio Dept. - “I Wanted You to Feel the Same”
06. Chromatics - “I’m On Fire”
07. TOPS - “Outside”
08. Slowdive - “Blue Skied An’ Clear”
09. Beach House - “Wildflower”
10. Chromatics - “Yes (Love Theme from Lost River)”
11. Lykke Li - “I Know Places”
12. Cocteau Twins - “Frou Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires”

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