We’re in love. I know it. You know it. Now tell me before I have to tell you.

note from Grace: It's best to keep these things short

01. Cat Stevens - "Moonshadow" (Teaser and the Firecat)

02. Fleetwood Mac - "Blue Letter" (Fleetwood Mac)

03. Velvet Underground - "I'm Set Free" (The Velvet Underground)

04. Sun City Girls - "The Shining Path" (Torch Of The Mystics)

05. Guided By Voices - "Awful Bliss" (Bee Thousand)

06. Pete Townshend - "Let My Love Open The Door" (Empty Glass)

07. Paul Simon - "The Boy In The Bubble" (Graceland)

08. Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers - "Back In Your Life" (Beserkley Years)

09. Black Lips - "Gentle Violence" - (Let It Bloom)

10. Bob Dylan - "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You" (Nashville Skyline)

11. Beat Happening - "Sea Hunt" (Music To Climb The Apple Tree By)

12. John Lennon - "Oh Yoko!" (Imagine)

13. Joan Baez - "Silver Dagger" (Joan Baez)

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