What??? Songs with Question Marks in the Title.

01. Architecture in Helsinki - "What's In Store?" (In Case We Die)
02. The Pipettes - "Why Did You Stay?" (We Are the Pipettes)
03. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - "Is This Love?" (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah)
04. She & Him - "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" (Volume One)
05. BARR - "Was I? Are You?" (Summary)
06. Bright Eyes - "You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will." (Lifted or The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground)
07. Rosie Thomas - "Why Waste More Time?" (These Friends of Mine)
08. Midtown - "Is It Me? Is It True?" (Forget What You Know)
09. Tindersticks - "Can We Start Again?" (Simple Pleasure)
10. Spoon - "Was It You?" (Gimme Fiction)
11. The Explorers Club - "Do You Love Me?" (Freedom Wind)
12. Minus the Bear - "Hey! Is that a Ninja Up There?" (They Make Beer Commercials Like This)
13. Ezra Furman & the Harpoons - "How Long, Diana?" (Banging Down the Doors)
14. Ben Lee - "What Would Jay-Z Do?" (Ripe)
15. The Low Miffs - "Where Are Your Songs Now?" (The Low Miffs)
16. Nada Surf - "What Is Your Secret?" (The Weight is a Gift)

Compiled by: blackswan

01. Flaming Lips - "Do You Realize??" (Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots)
02. Explosions in the Sky- "What Do You Go Home To?" (All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone)
03. The Apples In Stereo - "Can You Feel It?" (New Magnetic Wonder)
04. Bat For Lashes - "What's a Girl To Do?" (Fur and Gold)
05. She & Him - "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" (Volume One)
06. Radiohead- "You And Whose Army?" (Amnesiac)
07. Les Savy Fav - "What Would Wolves Do?" (Let's Stay Friends)
08. Belle & Sebastian - "Is It Wicked Not To Care?" (The Boy With The Arab Strap)
09. Architecture in Helsinki -"Wha'ts In Store?" (In Case We Die)
10. Imogen Heap- "Have You Got It In You?" (Speak For Yourself)
11. Antoy & The Johnsons - "What Can I Do?" (I Am A Bird Now)
12. The Strokes - "What Ever Happened??" (Room On Fire)

Compiled by: ElementsOfStyle

01. The Buzzcocks - "Whatever Happened To?" (I Don't Mind The Buzzcocks)
02. Pulp - "Do You Remember The First Time?" (His 'n' Hers)
03. Minutemen - "Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Truth?" (Double Nickels On The Dime)
04. Husker Du - "Could You Be The One?" (Warehouse: Songs and Stories)
05. Coffinberry - "What Do You Want to Do?" (From Now On Now)
06. David Bowie - "Life on Mars?" (The Singles 1969-1993)
07. Hot Snakes - "Why Does It Hurt?" (Suicide Invoice)
08. Jawbreaker - "Do You Still Hate Me?" (24 Hour Revenge Therapy)
09. Les Savy Fav - "What Would Wolves Do?" (Let's Stay Friends)
10. Dillinger Four - "Q. How Many Punks Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?" (Versus God)
11. Jerome's Dream - "Double Who? Double You!" (Completed: 1997-2001)
12. Syndicate - "Did Somebody Say Sheep?" (The Seemingly Hopeless State of Affairs)

Compiled by: twiggywasamustang

01. Guillemots - "Who Left The Lights Off, Baby?" (From the Cliffs-EP)
02. British Sea Power - "How Will I Ever Find My Way Home?" (Open Season)
03. They Might Be Giants - "Where Do They Make Balloons?" (No!)
04. Cake - "Is This Love?" (Motorcade of Generosity)
05. Radiohead - "How Do You?" (Pablo Honey)
06. Streetlight Manifesto - "Would You Be Impressed?" (Somewhere In The Between)
07. Barenaked Ladies - "Who Needs Sleep?" (Stunt)
08. Ben Lee - "How Can That Be?" (Grandpaw Would)
09. Elvis Costello - "Daddy Can I Turn This?" (When I Was Cruel)
10. The Mighty Might Bosstones - "Where'd You Go?" (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Live from the Middle East)

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