Why can’t you listen to anything better than Radiohead?

Songs that a Radiohead fan might like.

01. Mice Parade - "Pursuant to the Vibe" (Mokoondi)
02. Abbie Huxley - "Pop [R.E.D.]" (Pop [R.E.D.])
03. My Morning Jacket - "Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Pt. 2" (Evil Urges)
04. Mogwai - "I Know You Are but What Am I?" (Happy Songs for Happy People)
05. Menomena - "Evil Bee" (Friend and Foe)
06. Number Girl - "Num-Ami-Dabutz" (Num-Heavy Metallic)
07. The Flaming Lips - "She Don't Use Jelly" (Transmissions from the Satellite Heart)
08. Deerhoof - "Believe E.S.P." (Friend Opportunity)
09. Joan of Arc - "Questioning Benjamin Franklin's Ghost" (Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain)
10. Aloha - "You've Escaped" (Here Comes Everyone)
11. Aphex Twin - "Come to Daddy (Pappy Mix Version)" (Come to Daddy)
12. LCD Soundsystem - "Someone Great" (Sound of Silver)
13. Dirty Three - "Everything's Fucked" (Dirty Three)
14. The Album Leaf - "Over the Pond" (In a Safe Place)
15. Japancakes - "Theme for a Film" (Belmondo)

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