You made out with another girl right in front of me, and this is the mix tape I was hoping you’d mak

I made this mix tape to make up for my sins as a guy.

01. Bright Eyes- "First Day Of My Life" (I'm Wide Awake Its Morning)
02. Fionn Regan - "Put a Penny in the Slot" (End of History)
03. The Cure - "Pictures of You" (Disintegration)
04. The Postal Service - "Nothing Better" (Give Up)
05. The Magic Numbers - "Don't Give Up the Fight" (The Magic Numbers)
06. The Ataris- "In This Diary" (So Long, Astoria)
07. Christians and Lions - "Skinny Fists" (More Songs for Dreamsleepers & the Wide Awake)
08. Two Gallants -"Seems Like Home to Me" (The Scenery of Farewell EP)
09. The Format - "On Your Porch" (Interventions and Lullabies)
10. Third Eye Blind - "Motorcycle Drive By" (Third Eye Blind)
11. The Decemberists - "The Crane Wife 3" (The Crane Wife)

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