Busdriver Fear of A Black Tangent

[Mush; 2005]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: underground hiphop
Others: 2Mex, Project Blowed, Doseone

A while back, Project Blowed's very own Busdriver made an infamous appearance on the television dating show Blind Date. The date didn't turn out as ideally as Busdriver may have liked it to, but nonetheless, it made for good television. There was quite a bit of footage left on the cutting-room floor. The following is a transcript of a hot-tub conversation Busdriver had with his date which never got aired.

<The couple is already stretched out and relaxing in the hot-tub when the footage begins>

"Ohhh, you're a stripper. That's interesting."

"Yeah, well, I'm also trying to become an actress."

"Oh, you don't say. I would have never guessed that."

"So what do you do?"

"Me? -- Well, I'm a rapper."

"A rapper?! -- Really? Can you rap something for me?"

"I don't know, it's not exactly the type of rapping you would hear on the TV or radio nowadays. You might not like it much."

"Well what is it like then? Hehehe."

"Have you ever heard of Project Blowed?"

<curled-lip, eyes-squinted, baffled look appears on the woman's face>

"I didn't think so. I guess you could say we're somewhat experimental. We use various techniques to showcase our skills. The adjustments we make with our flows and the way we construct our sentences are real intricate. Sometimes I rap really fast, sometimes I sing, all sorts of things. We're pretty big on keeping the vocals and the words fresh with new and innovative methods of putting them out there."

"And people actually buy that kinda stuff?"

"Uhhh, well, yeah -- I mean, I've put out albums in the past and my new one is about to come out on a pretty reputable record label."

"Oh, well that's nice."

"Yeah, it's just too bad my group and I don't get the recognition we deserve."

"I'm sorry to hear that. I thought they were gonna bring us champagne."

"The producers said the hotel didn't want drinks near the hot-tub. But anyway, like I was saying, we are pretty neglected even though we originated a lot of the styles that are in the scene now."

"Well, I'm sure your time to shine will come."

"My 'time to shine?' We've been doin' this longer than anybody. And there's a bunch of other groups who are gettin' praise and recognition when it should be us! They completely stole our concepts and stylings."

"You sound bitter. We should really get those drinks."

"I'm not bitter, I'm just a little upset over the lack of respect. I've paid more dues than any of these new acts, and I can't even get a full audience at my shows."

"Umm, I'm gettin' kinda overheated in here. Maybe we should get out."

"It's just frustrating. These people are making money off the things I originated, and what do I get out of it? Nothin'! This is actually stuff I speak about on my new album."

"Ah, I see. That's good. So your music is like your therapy or something. Stripping is kinda my therapy. It lets my cut loose and just get lost in my own world."

"Why don't you strip right now?"

"Eww! Why don't you quit complaining about your career failures."

"Well I'm not a failure. I actually have a good amount of loyal fans, and my catalog speaks for itself."

"I've stripped in some of the biggest clubs in L.A."

"I'm one of the most talented MCs when it comes to technical skills in rap lyric-writing."

"Oooh, aren't you special? 'Rap lyric-writing' -- who cares?"

"The people who buy my albums do. I bet I make more money off albums than you get stuffed in your g-string."

"I don't think so, honey."

"Okay -- I probably don't, but I do good for myself."

"You just described to me that you're one of the best, so why don't you stop complaining and just worry about your own art and not the other cultural and social things that are out of your control?"

"Whoooa. Somebody took a semester at community college."

"Shuttup you <expletive> punk!"

"Likewise <expletive>. I'm scared to even be sharing this water with you. God knows what you've got swimming in it now."

<the date lifts herself out of the hot-tub in disgust>

"Hey, aye! Where you going?!"

"This date is over, jerk!"

"Did I forget to compliment you on that bikini?"

"Piss off!"

"Can you toss me a towel before you leave?"

The producers eventually coerced Busdriver's date into coming back and completing the date. They reluctantly decided not to air this wildly-entertaining footage because of the self-promotion that the argument was based around. TMT would like to thank Trevor, the intern over at Blind Date, for obtaining and passing this footage onto us.

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2. Reheated Pop!
3. Unemployed Black Astronaut
4. Happiness ('s Unit of Measurement)
5. Avantcore
6. Wormholes
7. Map Your Psyche
8. Cool Band Buzz
9. Note Boom
10. Low Flying Winged Books
11. Befriend the Friendless Friendster
12. Sphinx's Coonery
13. Lefty's Lament