Busdriver raps about updos, downdos on new LP Perfect Hair, debuts “Ego Death” featuring Aesop Rock, Danny Brown, and production by Jeremiah Jae

Busdriver raps about updos, downdos on new LP Perfect Hair, debuts "Ego Death" featuring Aesop Rock, Danny Brown, and production by Jeremiah Jae

Perhaps as you already know, Busdriver is the L.A.-based underground rapper Regan Farquhar. He is known, as many rappers are, for doing rap occasionally, and also other things (alas, this humble news post could never hope to contain a representative list of the other things that rappers are known for). Today I am happy to announce that Farquhar has done another rap, or rather, he plans to. Or, actually, he has probably already done the rap, and he would like to tell us about the doing of it, and would like for us to know that one day soon we will have the chance to have the rap that he has done done upon us, if we so desire (and, as Freud teaches, desire indeed we do!). This completion of a subset of rapping activity comes after a series of other similar completed activities, such as 2012’s Beaus$Eros, and a 2011 cover of an Animal Collective song.

Simply put, Farquhar has, yes, achieved another rapping, or rather a series of rappings. These rappings have been collected under the umbrella of a rap album entitled Perfect Hair, and is a tribute, generally speaking, to luscious locks of every stripe. The artwork for Perfect Hair is provided by the painter John Lurie. Toward the end of informing the general populace about his capacity to achieve rapping that can described with positive adjectives such as nimble, quick, and cool, Farquhar has made available the first single from Perfect Hair, which is called “Ego Death.” The track features contributions from mouth stylists Aesop Rock and Danny Brown (the latter of which still has a few live rapping appearances slated this year), and production from Jeremiah Jae. If this sounds amenable to you, know that I have done my duty and discovered the pre-order link for this album. It is here. The album will be released worldwide on September 9.


08.02.14 - Pomona, CA - The Fox Theater (Mindclouder Festival)

• Busdriver: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Busdriver/58174070929
• Big Dada: http://www.bigdada.com

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