Danielson Ships

[Secretly Canadian; 2006]

Styles: folk, acoustic rock, indie pop
Others: Sufjan Stevens, Danielson Famile

Regardless of who or what you call Gawd, you have to like Jesus. It's either that, or you're evil. Same deal here. Just the mention of Danielson brain Daniel Smith's strong Christian musical history is enough to turn a small closed-minded segment of the indie world off. Forget those people. I'm basically an atheist (I believe in karma and Bill Hicks) who enjoys the reality of fundamentalist Christianity about as much as police presence, and I can say without the slightest reservation that Ships is a brilliant collaboration of the finest indie minds backed by only the best intentions. It feels not so much that he's trying to make you believe in his faith, but rather — as is the power of true soul music — to convince you he has faith. In that, he won me over almost immediately. It helps that the album opener "Ship The Majestic Suffix" is torn from the pages of Frank Zappa and reinterpreted through a slightly less jagged and abrasive Camper Van Beethoven orchestra. Having recorded under several variances of the name, Smith has collected under the banner Danielson the efforts of such notable indie figures as Deerhoof, Sufjan Stevens, and Steve Albini, as well as his usual extended Famile. Everyone contributes their voice to the fact that you shouldn't have to mourn your faith. Celebrate life, brethren.

1. Ship The Majestic Suffix
2. Cast It At The Setting Sail
3. Bloodbook On The Halfshell
4. Did I Step On Your Trumpet
5. When It Comes To You I'm Lazy
6. Two Sitting Ducks
7. My Lion Sleeps Tonight
8. Kids Pushing Kids
9. Time That Bald Sexton
10. He Who Flattened Your Flame Is Getting Torched
11. Five Stars and TwoThumbs Up